Trim Saver System

Our Trim Saver System eliminates trim build up by up to 66% and doubles anvil cover life. This leaves you with no more rejections from customers due to trim in the loads.

This is done through a 3-step process for perfect control and a perfect cut, bump after bump:

  1. Pressuring: Pressure is applied on the whole surface of the trim area against the anvil.
  2. Blocking: The combination of its high-tech features, block any gap in which the small trim can get stuck.
  3. Ejecting: Powerful ejection is supplied to push trim wasted further downward, even on the smallest sizes.

Corrugated board Manufacturers and converters save on:

  • The sheet size they need to order or manufacture.
  • Operational downtime because of the reduction of trim accumulation and improved durability.
  • Production speed through faster converting on larger blanks because of the improved trim waste control. On typical yearly orders, the savings could amount to anywhere from $10,000 to over $100,000 on the cost of corrugated board alone.